March 16 -19 at 9am to 12pm

Fees: RM 160 include snacks and lunch

Children 3 to 10 years old 

The Adventure of the Gruffalo is a magical tale of a mouse who takes a stroll through the woods. Encountering three predators - a fox, an owl and a snake. The plucky mouse has to use his wits to survive. The cunning mouse invents the Gruffalo, a "terrible creature with terrible claws, and terrible tusks in his terrible jaws."

The mouse's description of the fierce Gruffalo who would want to eat them scares the fox, the owl, and the snake away. Imagine the mouse's surprise when the monster of his imagination appears right before him in the woods and says, "You'll taste good on a slice of bread!" Undaunted, the clever mouse devises a plan to frighten the gruffalo off. The clever mouse comes up with a strategy to convince the Gruffalo that he (the mouse) is "the scariest creature in this deep dark wood." 

Packed with Fun & Exciting Activities

* Story Telling, Role Play- Forest Animals
* Creative Crafts, The Gruffalo Story Headbands
* Gruffalo, Animal Finger Puppets
* Cookery - Graffalo Yummy Cup Cake, cookies
* Gruffalo Games - Explore and Discover,
* Science: Forest Animal Tracks Matching Game
* Learning through play- communication and Math skills

Contact 03-41070261 / 016-2345-726

Adventure Holiday Camps are Constructive, Engaging and Fun!

Adventure Holiday Fun Camps are geared to give children the best possible experiences. We've been running the holiday adventure camps for more than 35 years.

At the camps, children have endless fun, trying new activities, making new friends in our safe and holistic environment, surrounded by supportive and experienced staff.

We have a great range of themed programs that include reading, language literacy skills, Adventure games, music, arts, crafts, drama activities, science, cooking and STEM /STEAM project-based learning to keep children engaged, busy and challenge.

An average day sees children involved in oral discussions, learning, challenging games, outdoor and indoor activities, teamwork, leadership skills and confidence towards developing new skills.

Our adventurous holiday programs are enjoyed by all. The day's program run from 9.00am to 12:00 pm with snacks included. Camp activities combine education with entertainment to create a well-balanced fun program.

Parents Reviews & Testimonials


The teachers are experienced and dedicated to fostering a learning environment that is fun through creative activities such as hands-on activities, cooking, art projects, dramatic performances,
holiday camps and many more.

Mr and Mrs Malkeet S Mehal
Thank you

A school of excellence that grooms children to be leaders
of tomorrow. It is a place where children will find learning
and studying fun and exciting.

Mrs. Linda Wong
(Melissa's Mummy)

I could see great improvement in my son Ali Hassan in terms
his social skills and overall learning abilities.
He is always eager to go to school in the mornings and
gained a lot from the regular school outings and
holiday camps activities organized by the school.
I will definitely recommend Tadika Aman Ceria for
good education to
my friends and relatives 

Ungku Fadzil Bin Ungku Abu Bakar.


 August 13th to 16th 2019 Time: 9:00am – 12:00pm.

 Super Fun Adventure Camps

Learning Adventures are filled with Excitement and Fun

* STEM Projects: Construct High Tower and Suspension Bridge

* Science Exploration: Teaching Science through Baking/Pastry

* Fun Sports and Interactive 'Trust' Games

* Nature Scavenger Hunts and Problem Solving Skills.

* Stories through Puppetry and Role Play



May 27th to 30th. 2019 Holiday Camp Projects





STEAM adventure is based on the idea of educating children in fun science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. 

Inspiring minds, equip with 21st century & S.T.E.A.M. skills- stimulate creative and critical thinking, encourage collaboration, communication, problem solving, goal setting, FUN Learning.

Many fun, engaging activities that will help bring out the best of creative imagination in your child, activate both sides of their brains & improve their fine motor skills.


Activities planned for the camp

* Steam Challenges: Build a roller coaster with cardboards

* Ocean Theme Experiment: Salt water, waves, under the sea

* Fairy Tale: Build boats / rafts for Billy goats to cross the river

* Lego Engineering Challenge: Build an imaginative space station

* Brain Exercises: IQ & Logic Puzzles, Brain Teasers

* Structure Buildings : Build toothpick craft & tower challenge.

Call: 03-4105 4382 / 03-4107 0261/ 603-0192129824 




Holiday Exciting Adventure Camp

for  ages: 3 - 10 yrs. old

 Fun & Adventure, Music & Movements, Arts, Science, Cooking


  • The camp is filled with exciting adventures, focusing on education and recreation. Designed to encourage active minds and healthy bodies.


  • Fostering creativity, social, physical, intellectual, emotional development. Increase children's self-esteem and empowering them through the development of important life skills.


Adventure Kids Fun Day:

* Interactive activities: nature, scavenger, treasure, animal hunts

* Outdoor & indoor obstacle courses, games- explore, learn, create

* Storytelling Aesop's fables, music & movements, drama, dance

* Creative Art & Crafts - DIY project 'Care for the Environment' theme

* Cooking- homemade noodles, chicken salad, fruit juice

* Science Project– straw bridges, design paper plate marble maze

Adventure Kidpreneurs Fun Camp

Kidpreneurs Fun Camp for children 3-10 years old.

Learning through fun, interactive, engaging, creative,
hands-on activities.

The 12 days project based learning inspires children to generate innovative ideas, encourage critical thinking, problem-solving, and creative brain-storming technique.

Focus on team-building, collaboration, promotes self-confidence improve social skills, communication skills, and leadership skills.


Kidpreneurs Fun Activities (never too early or too late to learn)

* Entrepreneurship through fun, engaging multi-sensory activities

* Brainstorm ideas- explore, innovate in their learning adventure

 * Create own business, learn to handle money lesson (math skills)

 * Develop communication, social, leadership skills (role play)

 * Explore individual talents, creativity throughout the program

* Teach literacy, numeracy life skills through Entrepreneurship

Call: 03-4105 4382 /  019-2129824


Creative Art, Music, Dramatic Play 

Learning and fun go hand in hand with the 3 days camp focusing on self-expression, performance, creativity and team work
Children participate in creative art, music & movements, dramatic play, interactive language games, storytelling, puppets, masks, hats, props making.


Benefits of the 3 Days Camp

* Develop a healthy appreciation of culture, music, performing arts...
* Dramatic Play improves communication and language skills

* Art, music, dramatic play encourage creative self-expression.

* Inspire interactions, improve self-esteem, build self-confidence

* Promote teamwork, collaboration, cooperation with others

* Most important children are happy and have lots of fun learning!

Call: 03-4105 4382 / 03-4107 0261/ 603-0192129824


Educational Holiday Camp Adventure

Fun, Interactive, Educational Programs

May 29th -2nd June & June 2th -9th
from 9am – 12:30pm

Aman Ceria offers children 3 -10 Yrs. the chance to experience independence, self-reliance, help them ignite curiosity, find their inner passion and innate potential.

Our children learn to think critically, work collaboratively, and act confidently, now recognized as "21st-century skills."

Our daily schedule of specifically designed activities, encourage learning and fuel the imagination of the 3-10-year-olds on camp.


Reading Through Fun Interactive Activities 

This is a fun and interactive program for children 4 -8 years old.
The playful, creative and hands-on learning process, helps children to develop the self-confidence, enthusiasm, and motivation they need to read and succeed.

English Reading Program : 9:00am - 11:00am

* Reading with greater confidence and fluency
* Vocabulary, grammar, phonics, phonemic awareness, story telling, rhymes
* Develop basic comprehension skills through story-related activities.

Bahasa Malaysia Bacaan : 11:30am – 1:00pm

* Sistem bunyi suku kata yang efektif
* Kuasa kemahiran membaca dan juga mengeja
* Membaca dengan lancar daripada satu suku kata sehingga perkataan berimbuhan

Support your child's early development through the 5 days enjoyable sessions with songs, rhymes and stories, dramatization, fun interactive activities,  games...

03-4105 4382 / 03-4107 0261/ 603-0192129824




Children have endless Fun at the Adventure Camps!
They use multiple senses during the learning process.


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