OUR EDUCATION GOAL                     

Over the decades, we are committed to excellence in education and strong extracurricular activities. We strive to motivate the children to explore, play imaginatively and creatively: role play, painting, drawing, dancing, producing music  and physical exercise. Our children are nurtured with the relevant knowledge, competencies, skills and positive attitudes. 

Indoor and Outdoor Music Activities

Play is essential to children's natural development. Play leads to enormous growth in all aspects of a child's development – cognitive, social, emotional, creative and physical.

Hands-on experiences Children have the opportunities to explore and experiment. We encourage children to be creative and innovation learners.


Multimedia: Supports children learning and allow them to access different kinds of information (words, pictures, audio) at the same time and at their own pace. The children see, hear, imagine bring the subjects to life.

Multiple Intelligences learning exposes children to a variety of ways of learning. Prof. Howard Gardner identifies eight intelligences and styles of learning. Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Musical, Logical, Naturalist, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal.

Practical Life Skills
Children learn to be more independent. The exercises consist of tasks found in everyday life. Learning involves children in precise movements and allow them to work at their own pace.

Cooking activities are fun. Children learn science, language, motor skills, and social skills. Cooking gives children a deeper understanding of what they eat and help them develop healthy eating habits.

Speech, Drama and Role Play cover high impact activities, creative movements, speech, singing, listening, rhythm patterning, exploring percussion instruments and musical drama.

Musikgarten: Play music, enhance social skills, coordination, listening and motor skills. Participating in music activities also improves learning skills and memory. Ear training, rhythmic activities, musical instruments and much more!

PLAYSCHOOL   2 – 4 years (foundation)

Each day children learn as they play, explore, discover, and develop that lead them towards lifelong achievements.

  • Thematic Units - topics that are engaging and fun for the children
  • Circle Time - speaking in front of a small group, recalling events.  
  • Language Literacy - vocabulary building, phonics, story telling, drama, rhymes
  • Whole-Group Activities that develop social skills and cooperation
  • Music & Movements, singing, dancing, imitating.
  • Health and Safety - healthy habits, recognize danger, about safe behavior,
  • Demonstrating Independence Skills, communicating their needs

Multi-Sensory Learning
caters the different needs and learning styles of learners. Not everyone learns same way, we need to accommodate different learning style.

The advantage of using visual, audio and tactile materials to support textual ones is that the resulting mixture of styles means that teaching will be appropriate for a wider range of learners.

KINDERGARTEN ( Fun Learning Experiences ) 4—6 years

  • Number Skills, quantity, calculation, comparison, measurement
  • Bahasa Malaysia - suku kata, sentence making, reading
  • Mandarin (汉语拼音) The language and communication skills ability
  • Multimedia Literacy and Skill - improving vocabulary, reinforce learning
  • Physical Education—indoor and outdoor activities and sports
  • Character Building - problem-solving, decision making, working with others.
  • Environment Studies– science concept & nature, care for the environment

Explore the wonders of science experiential learning


The small class ratio, creates a suitable environment for interaction, allowing children to comfortably learn at their own pace. Teachers will also be able to easily identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child.


Parents Testimonial

I am grateful that I chose to send my second daughter, Hannah Sue Zee to Tadika Aman Ceria. My first daughter was sent to a kindergarten which was too systematic and to some extend stressful.

So I was looking for a kindergarten that can provide Hannah with a more relaxing and enjoyable environment. I registered Hannah at Aman Ceria kindergarten as well as day care. It was a good decision.

What I like most in Aman Ceria is the concept of Back to Basic. Our children's world is so complicated these days and Aman Ceria provides the back to basic concept to children, learn from experience and its ok to make mistakes. It creates space for creativity, lets the children explore and learn from it. It encourages children to be brave and independent.

Hannah is graduating this year. She attends the Mandarin class at Aman Ceria, and will go to the Chinese School together with her classmates. Above all, just one simple observation: Hannah just love to go to Aman Ceria and everyday there is so much story for her to tell us.

From: Pn. Rohidah Binti Maskuri Head,
Graduates Development Unit Programme Management Department Talent Division, Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd.




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