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Committed To Excellence In Education

Find The Best! Prepare Your Child For Success.

Aman Ceria & Playschool have built a reputation for the quality of its work, from developing teaching and learning to the extra-curricular opportunities.

We are committed to high- quality preschool education and
 day care program that's convenient, credible and affordable as part of our services to our community.

Our facilities are designed with your child's safety, health and comfort in mind, along with ongoing learning experiences.

Whether you are looking for one day or five days, we will be able to work with you to provide a solution to meet your needs.

A Broad & Balanced Integrated Curriculum:

Provide children with skills, knowledge, understanding to develop into well-rounded, informed individuals.

* Language & Literacy Skills in English, B. Malaysia, Mandarin 中 文 字 经

* Maths, Cookery, Abacus & Mental Arithmetic

* Music & Development Program from USA

* Speech & Drama, Creative Art & Craft

* Computer, Digital Multimedia

* Social & Environment Studies

* Physical Education, Health, Science, Life Skills

* Character Building & Pendidikan Islam

* STEAM: Projects- based learning

Enrichment Program:

Diversity of interest and talent to help children reach their full potential

* Piano from Beginners to Advance Level

* Music & Drama through songs, rhymes...

* Ballet for young children, Creative Art...

* STEAM for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art,  Mathematic

* Intensive Reading Program combines phonics, grammar

* Mandarin: Character Recognition Program

* Mastering English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin Reading Skills

* Kelas Iqra


 I sent my daughter Sophea Azlyle Ariff 3 years old, to Aman Ceria after my daughter was beginning to dislike the previous nursery. We chose to try out Aman Ceria as my youngest sister, now age 17, was a student there.

 My daughter now enjoys going to school. We are happy as she has learned so much at Aman Ceria. She surprises us each week with new things she learned, like ballet & the handiworks she brings home.

Thank you Aman Ceria! Dr Norfazlin Zamani




    Making a decision for one's children is never easy especially when  
    it concerns education. Pre-school education is very important as it
    provides the foundation for the children's lifelong learning journey.  

Aman Ceria has really provided Nadira with the opportunity to
develop her potentials and enrich her learning experience.

 We were not only looking for a place that encourages the enthusiasm for learning for our daughter, but also an environment which will allow her to develop other aspects such as self-discipline, cooperation and mutual respect.  She has definitely achieved that in the past 2 and
a half years!

 The teachers have been very supportive in this journey and we would like to thank each and every one of them for making Nadira's learning journey a memorable one.

Parents of Nadira Azrani Rustam
(Azrani Rustam & Salha Adnan)


          Open For Enrolment 2020 - 2021

    Kindergarten: 2-6 years old        

      *  Small class sizes, fostering wonderful interaction between
       children and teachers.

* Integrated & Comprehensive curriculum helps children learn   
   and develop both within
and beyond the classroom. 

* Children find learning an adventure, exciting, enjoyable and fun!

We invite you to come and visit us and get a first-hand experience of our school. You are welcome to call the school office to book a school tour 

Contact Us: 

Email: amanceria@yahoo.com

No. 11 Jalan H 1 Taman Melawati
53100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel:  603 410 70 261

   016 2345 726


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