Appreciation Letters From Families

Hamzah Amex recommends Aman Ceria Kindergarten.

Amidst the plethora of competing pre-schools today, it might be a challenge to choose which one is the best option for our children. Likely the good ones can be silenced and overwhelmed by the advertising supremacy of the big franchises.

Tadika Aman Ceria is one of them. I believe children at early age should start learning by discovering the world and good values rather than going through the rigid form of education which they will definitely encounter when they enter primary school.

TAC has offered my children the best learning experience of how multi-culture tolerance should be as my generation has enjoyed back in the 80s. The children not only would gain essential knowledge in Language, Maths, Science and Art to prepare them for school, but also other aspects of intelligence such as Music and Kinetic ability.

After TAC, my kids are doing pretty well in national and religious school for all subjects, and this is a testimony to show that children need not be forced to learn serious from the early age to excel.

With real sincerity I am recommending Tadika Aman Ceria for parents around Ulu Klang / Gombak / Ampang to enroll their children for pre-education. Let kids be kids and allow them to learn in the best possible way at that age.


A great environment to start a child's education in modern Malaysia.
Tadika Aman Ceria provides exactly the environment needed for a child to view learning as a journey to exploring knowledge and to develop preliminary leadership competencies.

Our plan for our first child Batrisyia was to initially enroll her into one of the popular and formatted franchised preschools in KL. It seemed at the time the urban middle class were rushing to get their children to start reading as soon as age 4 through regimented teaching methodology adopted by those franchises.

We were drawn to the notion, perhaps convinced by our own highly competitive working environment of today's modern work life, that our children should be prepared well early in education according to a certain template to excel in the chain of exams that would follow through subsequently in their life until they graduate.

We can be glad today that plan A did not happen as crafted. We sent her to Tadika Aman Ceria at age 3 with the intention to let her interact with other kids of her age (as the first grandchild of the family she didn't get much chance to have that at home) before we would enroll her into a more mainstream preschool the following year.

That was when we started to discover a new perspective to a child's learning development: intelligence is multidimensional and it goes beyond the lingual and arithmetic abilities that conventional measurements seem to emphasize on in our education systems back then.

Another fundamental aspect of a child development is positive character and confidence building, the basic ingredient for ethical conduct and leadership later on in life. We also began to understand especially for Batrisyia that parents should not force learning onto their children and hope to make them smart.

We found out that the best approach would be to motivate her to learn through fun discovery rather than to impose stressful expectation.
And for that it wasn't hard for us to let her continue there until she completes the whole preschool period, and to enroll her sisters thereafter.

We are happy to see how Batrisyia has changed from a shy 3-year old to a confident 6-year old child who can speak on stage, dance, interact, converse, read, write and have good basics in maths. And finally the value that we would hope to nurture a child in the current Malaysian sophisticated society: social integration. When asked about the background of her friends, Batrisyia has never distinguished them as Malay, Chinese or Indian. Our kids are colour blind and eventually us adult could learn a lot from them.

Ir Amir Hamzah (Associate Director - Innovation, Telco Industry)

Yusniza A Rahman (former Accountant)



Tadika Aman Ceria menjadi pilihan kerana menyediakan prasarana yang sesuai untuk Perkembangan kanak-kanak. Selain daripada penekanan kurikulumnya yang menyeluruh, merangkumi pengajian agama/moral, matematik, sains, Bahasa Malaysia, Inggeris dan Mandarin,ia juga memberi eluang anak –kanak menceburi bidang sukan, muzik dan seni serta kraf. Potensi diri dan bakat kanak-kanak dikenalpasti dan diperkembangkan.

 Selepas setengah tahun mengikuti kelas tadika dan 'day care' sepenuh masa di TAC, kini anak saya lebih berdikari dan lebih yakin berkomunikasi dengan rakan sebayanya. Keunikan TAC yang mempunyai pelajar dari pelbagai agama dan bangsa memberikan anak saya pengalaman keharmonian dan semangat 1Malaysia. Jutaan tahniah untuk para pendidik TAC yang penyayang dan berdedikasi!"

Catatan: Pn. Husniza Hussain,
Ibu Mohammad Hafeezudin (6 tahun)


A school of excellence that grooms children to be leaders of tomorrow. It is a place where children will find learning and studying fun and exciting.

Aman Ceria is recommended for parents looking for a well established play school & kindergarten in Taman Melawati. A preschool & kindergarten complete with dedicated & experienced principal & teachers.

Mrs. Wong (Linda) Melissa's Mummy


My daughter enjoys going to school. We are happy as she has learned so much at Aman Ceria.

"I sent my daughter, Sophea Azlyle Ariff 3 years old, to Aman Ceria after my daughter was beginning to dislike the previous nursery. We chose to try out Aman Ceria as my youngest sister, now age 17, was a student there. My daughter now enjoys going to school. She surprises us each week with new things she learned, like ballet & the handiworks she brings home."

 Thank you Aman Ceria! Dr Norfazlin Zamani


Lai Tack Jin

 兩年前, 我們想兩歲的女兒可以和她年齡相仿的孩子遊戲, 於是便送她到家附近這幼兒園的托兒所 (Tadika Aman Ceria Playschool) 玩。當時我女兒依然是一個大嬰兒,很害羞膽怯, 講話口齒也不伶俐。如今我們已搬到 Kemensah Heights 了, 我們依舊送女兒到這幼兒園。這是因為女兒在這裡長大, 學會了好多東西; 她懂得在團體生活中與人互動溝通,記得住她全部朋友的名字, 也發展了握筆書寫和語言能力。如今她是個有自信有主見, 愛探索, 愛唱歌跳舞, 愛講話的小女孩。 在語言方面,只會講英語的她在托兒所也學會了華語和馬來語, 還有幾句我聽不懂的印度語。真的很感激校長和老師們所給予的栽培, 我要借此向你們說聲謝謝。

Aman Ceria 是一所能让孩子得到身心成长的幼儿园。




Thank you TAC for making these two years education the best and memorable experience for Hadeeja and all of us. I, for one would strongly recommend any of my relatives, friends or anyone else to enroll their children into Aman Ceria.

We wish to express our utmost appreciation to Mrs. Law and all the teachers for their dedication in nurturing and caring for our daughter Hadeeja.  Back in 2010, we were searching for a kindergarten that basically covers the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains but at the same time not regimented in terms of burdening our daughter with too much homework.

Our idea of a kindergarten is that it should be a play school where children are allowed to play and grow up as children while concurrently nurturing the process of their mental and physical development.  When Hadeeja first enrolled into TAC in 2011 she was a very timid little girl but within a few months she has become very talkative and sociable. She would always tell us wonderful stories about her friends and teachers and looks forward to go to TAC every day.

 She is able to work on her mathematics, language and other homework under minimum supervision from us. She has now grown to be a creative, analytical, observant, amicable, intelligent, responsible and most of all a happy little girl.  Keep up the good work!

Dr. Hussain Hamid (Director of Road Safety Research Centre, University, Putra Malaysia)
Dr. Raja Zarina Raja Shahardin


The teachers are experienced and dedicated to fostering a learning environment that is fun through creative activities such as hands-on cooking, art projects, dramatic performances, holiday camps and many more. 

One of the most important decisions we make as parents is the school we select for our children's preschool education. As a child's thirst for knowledge is extremely active at that age and sets the stage for future educational achievement.
And if you want your child/children to be in a friendly, warm and loving environment both physically and academically then Tadika Aman Ceria is exactly what you are seeking for.

Both our sons had great experience there and to this day they are very comfortable with the teachers and also Mrs. Law for the love and compassion they receive.  And now we are so impressed with the progress shown by our little girl since attending TAC. She has really flourished and loves her school so much. She is always eagerly looking forward to attend school every morning. We are ever so grateful for Tadika Aman Ceria, as this is where all my children excelled in their early education.

Mr and Mrs Malkeet S Mehal 

Thank you.


Aman Ceria provides solid foundation in pre-school education
The teachers are dedicated to teaching and care for the children.

 Tadika Aman Ceria has been an incredible experience for our child, Sabrina. The standard of academic excellence and the emphasis on moral and character development has far exceeded our expectations. Sabrina. loves going to school, and she is dedicated to learning. We are happy, knowing that she is safe, respected and cared for.

 Puan Rasyidah



Tadika Aman Ceria is an ideal kindergarten for my child
The kindergarten emphasis on moral values and attitudes.

My child, Daniel understands what is right and what is wrong. I believe it is important in nowadays society, for many kindergartens have been too result oriented and neglected what is the most essential thing in human development.

Daniel loves to go to school because he is always encourage to learn and try new things.  I can see his improvement in attention span, in self-control, in interest towards study, in learning new vocabulary, in creativity and most importantly in understanding of values and attitudes. Thank you teachers for your patience and love.

 Theresa Yap ( Ex-Art Lecturer Of UTAR and KBU)


 My Children love school and adore their teachers

I am so blessed to be given three little angles: Audrey (6 years) Lydia (4 years) and Justin (2 years old).With God's grace they are growing healthy and happy.
Just to share some dialogue among us some time back.

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Audrey: I want to be a teacher.
Me: Why?

Audrey: Teachers, like the ones I have at Tadika Aman Ceria, know everything. Children love them, adore them and listen to them. I want to be someone like that when I grow up.

After two days not attending school.

Me: You have been coughing dear, better not to go to school tomorrow
Lydia: I want to go mom, I miss my friends out there. Zara, Jovi, and many more.

Me: You enjoy your friends very much...
Lydia: I enjoy my Tadika very much. Lots of fun.
(and this dialogue is in English, with my little 4 year old!)
Me: Justin, do you want to join your sister, going to Aman Ceria?
Justin: (start climbing up the car seats)
Me: No, I don't mean now.
Justin: (start crying coz I WANNA GO)

Dr Roseline Moo



Thumbs up the teachers and Principal Mrs. Law.  We kept wondering how do Tadika Aman Ceria manage to handle so many little children with discipline yet lots of fun.

Our daughter, Soraya, participated in Aman Ceria's concert for the first time when she was 4 years old. We attended the concert in 2009. We were awed by the whole event. We kept wondering how do Tadika Aman Ceria manage to handle so many little children with discipline yet lots of fun.

In 2010, we attended another concert by TAC. we were awed again by the whole event. It was fun, interesting, colorful, meaningful and full of surprises and laughter for all of us.  Thumbs up to all the children at Aman Ceria's Concert. We look forward for next year's event.


En Mohamad Fathullah and Mumtazah



 Why I Choose Tadika Aman Ceria?

My nieces, nephew, Amanda my youngest, level of confidence, enthusiasm and happiness is extraordinary. The children are able to learn how to read, write and count.

I can see the outcome in my youngest sister (ex-student) is now 30 years old. My nieces, nephew and my 3rd child all former students of TAC are in their primaries.  Amanda my youngest is now a final year student at Tadika Aman Ceria.

I have sent Amanda to 2 other different Kindergartens. It ended up either me or my husband had to accompany her to school every morning until the end of the year. She will be crying and refuse to go on her own with the driver.  This year, I sent her on the first day of school to Tadika Aman Ceria and she is on her own since. Lastly, I have no regret sending Amanda all the way from Gombak to Tadika Aman Ceria.

 Dr. Shuhairah and Husband



Aman Ceria's teachers give the best attention to all my children We are very fortunate to have our children taught by such dedicated and loving teachers

Our eldest and second sons attended the kindergarten in 1996 and have since followed by their sister and brothers, all 7 of them. The exposure and the education contents that TAC provides is absolutely brilliant.  The school, teachers and friends become part of our children's life, regardless of age, race or religion. To be able to live in harmony at this very young age is something the adults anywhere in the world is still struggling to do so.

Our minds are at peace knowing that our children are in very good hands.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tadika Aman Ceria, all the teachers, the parents and children for contributing to the positive and healthy growth and development of my children's life. Thank you and God bless you.

 Hj Mohd Borhanuddin B. Dato Hj Abdul Kadir
Hjh Ariza Binti Mohd Razali



Aman Ceria's extra-curriculum, which includes Art, Media, Physical Education, Water-play and Music, offers excellent opportunity for a child to develop and enrich his/her potential to the fullest.

Tadika Aman Ceria is known for its warm, caring- family atmosphere and for quality and professionalism of its teachers. 
The balanced approach to its instructions in their curriculum is much appreciated. Strong emphasis on phonics and word analysis skills in reading classes is excellent.

The important concepts of math which are taught at all levels of a child's development varies and are presented in a way that challenges the children without frustrating them.  A stable and tolerant atmosphere encourages the development of diligence, self-discipline, cooperation and mutual respect. All my three children who have great enthusiasm for learning just love this school.

 Puan Zahrina Ismail Lecturer UIAM, Gombak


Danial benefited very much from spending 3 years at Aman Ceria.
He is more confident and self-assured.

Before attending Aman Ceria, Danial was not sociable and avoid being among many people. He also disliked computers. After some time with Aman Ceria, he's not only imore sociable but takes pride in leading other children. He is more confident and self-assured.

 The holiday camps at Aman Ceria has helped him a lot. Thank you Mrs Law and teachers who have helped my son. I am certainly going to enroll my youngest daughter at Aman Ceria.

 Puan Noor Mazrina Ismail




Mr & Mrs Poh Chong Joo



Tadika Aman Ceria provides the best pre-school experience. Through our observation, our 2 daughters, have improved a lot on self confidence, social skills and tertiary knowledge due to the wonderful learning environment and activities at Aman Ceria.

 First and foremost, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Mrs. Law, the principal and all the kindergarten teachers for their efforts in giving the best pre-school experience to our 2 daughters, Najla Farisha and Naimi Adeline. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Tadika Aman Ceria for being a great center for the kids in discovering the joy of learning.

 Warm thoughts:

Puan Nurazlin & Encik Mohd Farid



Pengalaman Yang Berharga: Sembilan tahun bersama Tadika Aman Ceria merupakan satu pengalaman yang amat berharga bagi saya. Saya melihat anak-anak saya belajar dalam persikitaran yang selamat dan kondusif untuk pembelajaran serta tumbesaran mereka.

 Guru-guru yang berpengalaman dan penuh dedikasi serta cara pembelajaran yang sistematik banyak membantu anak-anak saya menerap pelajaran serta merangsang perkembangan social mereka. Asas yang kukuh seperti ini, telah menyediakan anak-anak saya untuk menghadapi alam persekolan dengan penuh keyakinan dan keceriaan.

 Raja Sharifah Maznunah



''喜乐幼儿园 ''TADIKA AMAN CERIA 从一个很偶然的机会,认识了这家幼儿园把我的大女儿 ( NATALIE ) ,报名交给了这一家幼儿园。从陌生到了解 ''喜乐幼儿园'' 的运作及对孩子们教导的知识与方式,当中存在的一些担心和不信任都渐渐地抛开了。 久而久之,觉得 '' 喜乐幼儿园 '' 待小孩们是真心对待与付出。在信心倍增后,我决定把小儿子 ( MARCUS LUM )交给 ''喜乐 '' 。''喜乐幼儿园 '' 不但教导孩子们所有语言 ( 如英语、国语、华语、数学等 ) ,也时常安排一些课外活动 ( 如常年运动会、文娱晚会、外出参观等 ) 来增广孩子们的见识与健康。这一切活动都对孩子们身心有益,得益不浅。在此, 我希望 '' 喜乐幼儿园 '' 能提供更好的服务,让家长们及孩子们都欢喜,快乐。




Tadika Aman Ceria creates a warm, caring and safe environment for children. Both my sons enjoyed and gained academically and socially at Aman Ceria.

I have always appreciated the nurturing and positive style of teaching by the dedicated and professional staffs/teachers. My elder son Bhvan had attended TAC in 2006/07 and it was a stepping stone for primary education.  Now my second son Chvan Dev is attending TAC and has excelled very well while building a positive self-image and confidence.

I would definitely recommend TAC to any parents who want a caring and enriching experience for their child. Thank you Mrs. Law for all you have done to make TAC a fabulous foundation for young lives.

Mr. & Mrs. Malkeet Singh


Aman Ceria's concrete foundation in education that my children received has been truly rewarding. My three children have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from their teachers

The teaching skills that were taught have left a deep impact on my children and have assisted them throughout their school years.  My three children have thoroughly enjoyed and learned a lot from the teachers. My eldest is now in university and the other children are in primary schools.

We take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Law and all the teachers for their timeless effort, patience and guidance spent on my children.

All The Best

 Puan Saadah Fazilah Salleh



I will definitely recommend Aman Ceria for good education.

I could see great improvement in my son Ali Hassan in terms of his social skills and overall learning abilities. He is always eager to go to school in the mornings and has gained a lot from the regular school outings and holiday camps activities organized by the school.

 Ungku Fadzil Bin Ungku Abu Bakar.



Tadika Aman Ceria builds strong foundation. I appreciate very much the effort that Mrs. Law and her teachers put in to treat each child individually according to his / her needs.

My daughter Isabel attended Tadika Aman Ceria from nursery until she finished kindergarten. She enjoyed her time at the school very much. She learnt the violin and piano from the school.  Isabel studied three years in this school. She changed from being a very timid child to one who is more outgoing and confident. Thank you!

 Dr Hon



My daughters are holding strongly on what they have learned at Aman Ceria, which are - honesty, respect and teamwork 

Observing my daughters, Anita and her sister I can say that Aman Ceria is indeed a good starting point in early chilhood education - both on learning the textbook subjects and also about life. These principals are important to me. Finally, I can say that Aman Ceria is practicing "1 Malaysia" all the time, and therefore being a model Malaysian citizen will come naturally to their pupils.

Hanita Binti Hashim & Mahayudin Bin Salleh


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