Aman Ceria Kindergarten and Playschool is a learning center ideally located amongst greenery and nature in Taman Melawati. Established 1983, we are committed to a well-rounded education with a strong record of academic excellence, character development and extracurricular activities

Since then, we have gained the trust and recognition of parents in nurturing children into confident, inquisitive and caring individuals who know their strengths, have an enduring passion for learning.

We optimize children's potential through their cognitive abilities and enrichment programs. With the aims of developing well-rounded, independent, disciplined and confident students. 

Today, the school alumni have gone on to lead successful lives themselves and many of them send their children to enroll into our school. This stands as a firm testament to our dedication to high quality teaching and interactive learning. 

Why is Tadika Aman Ceria Learning Adventure important?

Learning Adventure is a concept in experiential learning that encourages our children active participation in hands-on experiences. As they go through various adventures, they are able to connect knowledge learned in the school to real-world situations.

The benefits of Learning Adventures

• Enhance social and intellectual skills
• Take more responsibility for their learning
• Increase their engagement in materials
• Help them to learn most effectively
• Improve skills such as collaboration, cooperation and critical thinking

Empowering The Next Generation Of Leaders

Our children are well prepared for formal schooling, equipped to be life-long learners and responsible global citizens!

Tadika Aman Ceria (T.A.C.) is committed to the pursuit of excellence and leadership by striving to create the most effective and comprehensive learning experience for every child to achieve his/her leadership potential. 


Aman Ceria's success in nurturing confident and independent preschoolers, progressively supporting them to grow and develop during their formative years. Teachers are trained to implement activities to stimulate children's learning using both sides of their brains, thereby enabling them to develop into well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but has good character, self-confidence, and sensitivity in their social interactions.

 Adventures encourage inquisitive, independent, enthusiastic learners

Our Holistic Environment Encouraged Active Play:
Camping, Sports, Waterplay, Gardening, Physical Activities

Physical Activities is important for healthy minds and bodies


One of our primary goals is to help our children develop the desire and ability to think on their own. We encourage children to be independent learners, learn to do things independently.


Dental Health Science Activities

Reading is encouraged at home and in school.



2021/2022 was the year our youngest child Hadirah graduated from Tadika Aman Ceria (TAC). Our first child Batrisyia joined the pre-school back in 2011 and has made successful academic run at primary school. So has our second and third Damia and Nabihah whom are doing well holistically in their classes, consistent with their learning performance, likeable by friends and demonstrated young leadership. We would attribute their progress to where it all began, the foundational multiple intelligence and confidence they acquired from TAC. We have trusted TAC for a period of 10 years to nurture our children and the investment has paid off.

TAC is not your usual programmable pre-school. It has existed and sustained as a boutique operator since near 40 years in Taman Melawati. The learning technique evolves with time but what was has not changed was their sincere love and care for children, and how they shaped children to be best in a tolerant multi-cultural society as in Malaysia. We sincerely recommend for those in Ulu Klang who are considering pre-schooling to check out TAC. TAC would provide your children with the preparation they need for a balanced learning at young age before eventually they enter the systematic schooling system. Children deserve the fun while learning so they would appreciate knowledge and experience in life.

Ir Amir & Yus
Engineer in telecoms/banking and former accountant



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