Program For Active Learners

The program is child-centred build upon the knowledge and skills acquired through play-project -inquiry based learning. Activities like roleplay, water play, cooking, gardening are integrated into the curriculum. Children are also engaged in extracurricular activities like enrichment classes- art, craft, music, piano, ballet, taekwondo and others to help them discover their natural talent and abilities.

                 Preschool Effective Learning Activities

Children learn through multiple senses.

It is the early years that provide the most critical opportunity for taking action and building upon children's strengths.

Integrated Learning enhances children learning by fostering critical-thinking skills, self-directed learning skills, active learning, and brain based learning. 

Montessori Approach to learning helps young children to 'learn by
doing'. All the materials are self-taught so they can see and correct their own mistakes as they manipulate objects and perfect their skills.

Multiple Intelligences (MI) approach exposes children to a variety of ways of learning. Prof. Howard Gardner identifies eight intelligences and styles of learning. "Spatial, Bodily-Kinesthetic, Linguistic, Musical, Logical, Naturalist, Intrapersonal and Interpersonal". 

Language Arts in which children learn how to read, write and communicate orally. It concerns the essential communication skills that are common to our daily experience. The learning area that parents can most easily reinforce to help your children succeed in school. 

Handwriting is not easy for many children. It takes considerable practice to develop the necessary muscle control, eye-hand coordination and memory skills for proper writing. 

Math use hands-on materials to help children understand the concepts. Items such as small objects can be used to demonstrate concepts such as adding, subtracting, greater than, less than, and equal to. 

Multi Media In today's information age, computer skill is a must for children. Computer aided learning helps children feel comfortable learning and handling the technology. 

Rich Learning Environment 
Designed for Growth, Learning and Fun


  • Learning environment where children develop essential skills that build the strong foundation of lifelong learning within positive social, intellectual, emotional and creative growth. 
  • Play based learning promotes a love of learning, encourages academic, creative, intellectual, physical and spiritual growth and achievement. Through many hands-on experiences such as reading, stories, games, art, music, math, computer, cookery, science  
  • Instructional strategies that accommodate the broad range of children's unique developmental levels and learning styles. 
  • Uniquely designed education methodology and philosophy - a combination of the world's leading educational philosophies- focus on social and learning skills.

• Enrichment Program - enhance your child's talents and creativity with ballet, dance, art, drama, music, hands-on science experiments.
STEAM Integrated & Interactive program- promotes the development of your child through the mastery of knowledge, skills, and values ...

Accelerated Brain-Integrated Learning (mind maps)- promotes learning at a faster rate, increase the ability to retrieve and use information

Multiple Intelligence Learning - helps your child understands his/her own abilities, and allows to use different skills and strengths

• Multimedia Technology
- your child sees, hears, imagines... as multimedia is used to bring the subjects to life.

• Creative Expression -
encourage your child to express in creative ways through singing, dancing, storytelling, drama, and art...

Character Education & Team Building - self-awareness and respect for others is emphasized. Topics on fairness, honesty, kindness...

Health & Physical Well-Being - support your child's emotional, social mental, physical well-being in our safe and holistic environment.

Holiday Adventure Fun Camps  - designed to improve your child's social skills and the exposure to new ideas and concepts.


  Aman Ceria is known for its warm, caring- family atmosphere 
           and for quality and professionalism of its teachers.

The balanced approach to its instructions in their curriculum is much appreciated. Strong emphasis on phonics and word analysis skills in reading classes is excellent.

The important concepts of math which are taught at all levels of a child's development varies and are presented in a way that challenges the children without frustrating them.

The school extra-curriculum, which includes Art, Media, Physical Education, Water-play, and Music, offers an excellent opportunity for a child to develop and enrich his/her potentials to the fullest.

A stable and tolerant atmosphere encourages the development of diligence, self-discipline, cooperation and mutual respect. All my three children who have great enthusiasm for learning just love this school.

Puan Zahrina Ismail Lecturer UIAM, Gombak



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