Getting Ready for Kindergarten

  First Day of School
• Make the first day fun.
• Get up in time so you are not rushing.
•   Be calm.
• Talk about the fun things (s)he will be doing.
• Take your child to the bus stop or to the school.
• Make sure your child gets to school on time andis picked up on time.
The first day of school is a big event in the life of a family, make it a positive one!
Saying Goodbye....
• Introduce your child to a buddy from his/her class.
• Give your child a kiss and say goodbye.
• Practise your goodbye routine ahead of time.
• Reassure your child that you know (s)he'll be okay and that you will be picking him/her up after schoo
The Kindergarten Program

The Kindergarten Program

  • Personal and Social Development
  • Language (Literacy) Oral Communication, Reading, Drawing & Writing
  • Mathematics on exploration and investigations
    1. Number Sense and Numeration
    2. Measurement 3. Spatial Sense and Geometry 4.Patterning
  • Science and Technology Exploration, Investigation, Experimentation and Design
  • Health and Physical Activity Health and Well -Being
    •Physical Development and Activity
  • The Arts • Visual Arts • Music • Drama and Dance

Kindergarten Day
What does the typical day look like?
• Arrival Dismissal in Kinder yard
• Morning routines
• Playful learning
• Outdoor Recess
• Lunch
• Physical Education

•  Drop off your child at the Kinder yard (8:15am -8:30am).
• When the bell goes your child will line up outside the classroom with the Yard Supervisor
• Your child will enter the classroom & follow morning routines in the class

• The bell goes at 3:00pm
• Students line up at the safety wall in the Kinder -yard.
• Teacher dismisses each child after making eye contact with parent/ caregiver
• Parents/caregivers wait at the fence.


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