Nurturing Active & Competent Young Learners 
Holistic Approach to Education

Discover our uniquely designed education methodology and philosophy - a combination of the world's leading educational philosophies- focus on social and learning skills. 

Integrated and Interactive Curriculum- promotes the development of your child through the mastery of knowledge, skills, and values ... 

Project-Based Learning- promotes learning in a fun and experiential way, increase the ability to retrieve and use information 

Multiple Intelligence Learning - helps your child understands his/her own abilities, and allows to use different skills and strengths 

Enrichment Program - enhance your child's talents and creativity with ballet, dance, art, drama, music, hands-on science experiments... 

Multimedia Technology - your child sees, hears, imagines... as multimedia is used to bring the subjects to life. 

Creative Expression - encourage your child to express in creative ways through singing, dancing, story telling, drama and art... 

Character Education & Team Building - self-awareness and respect for others is emphasized. Topics on fairness, honesty, kindness... 

• Health & Physical Well-Being - support your child's emotional, social mental, physical well-being in our safe and holistic environment. 

Holiday Camp Activities - designed to improve your child's social skills and the exposure to new ideas and concepts. 

 Academic Excellence foundation 

We work with our pupils to help them achieve their highest potential. The enriched educational experiences provide, a solid foundation for future success and a lifelong love of learning.

The 4 Keys Principles & Beliefs grounded in theories and research in preschool education and personal development. Each lesson is planned to allow children to explore all areas of the curriculum and prepare them for their future schooling. 

      1) A Stimulating, Learning Environment Reflects

Planning activity centers to facilitate exploration and play that encourage peer group support and cooperative learning. 

2) Wholesome, Engaging Education

Guide and facilitate developmentally appropriate activities for children to engage in the learning process to build curious and independent learners.

3) Personal Mastery

Facilitate personal and social development through the promotion of cooperation, responsibility, self- confidence, self-discipline and healthy habits.

4) Family and Community

Children engage in activities that make them think critically about values such as fairness, caring, honest, and treat others with kindness and respect.

Academically-Focused Early Childhood Education

Holistic Environment: 
Designed for Growth, Learning and Fun

Children engage in activities that nurture their creativity, thinking, social development


We welcome you and your child to  enrol to our programs,
           for a Solid Educational Foundation!

  • We understand how important your child's education and happiness is to you. 
  • We offer your child every advantage to grow academically, emotionally, physically and creatively. 
  • We invite you to inquire about our school and schedule a visit


     Kindergarten Session ( Child Age 2-6 )
        Time: 8:00am - 11:30am 

      Student Care Program ( Child Age 2 - 10 )
        Time: 7:30 am — 6:00 pm  

     Visit our school any time & during School holidays                       

                Make an appointment before coming
          016- 2345 726 /  03- 41070 261

   OFFICE OPERATING HOURS 8:00am - 5:00pm
Open Monday – Friday ( Include School & Dec. Holidays )

Public Holidays- Office is closed

 Call 03- 410 70 261 / 016 234 5726

email: amanceria@yahoo.com

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