Thematic integrated curriculum provides a well-balanced, stimulating preschool experience to develop your child's potential and ensure success in school. Our theme-based integrated and holistic approach promotes the child's physical, intellectual, social, emotional and creative development. Incorporating language, mathematics, science, music and movement, art and craft, and life-skills in age-appropriate and meaningful themes.

Thematic topics are engaging and fun for the children. It focuses on making connections for children allowing them to engage in relevant, meaningful activities that can be connected to real life knowledge and experiences.

Children have a deeper understanding of the subject and apply the material that they have learned in the classroom.

 Indoor Space For Active Learners

Fun hands-on learning; growing seeds in egg trays
Science experiment, children learn to plant their own seeds watch their plants grow.

Learning languages sharpen children's reading skills.
Promote self-confidence and competence in English, B. Malaysia, Mandarin languages. The goal is to achieve a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, and writing. The Chinese curriculum is synchronized with the English curriculum. Similar themed topics are taught in both English and Chinese, to provide children with a more comprehensive learning structure.

Preschool Math Concept

Includes counting objects, interactive activities, games, number names, written numerals, addition, subtraction, measurements, data...


Creative Art and Craft
Activities give children a sense of achievement and allow them to take pride in their work which builds confidence  

Nature Walk in the School Garden
Nature walk is a great way for children to learn about the environment and to take care of plants

Indoor and Outdoor Physical Activities and Sports
Children work collaboratively with peers, teachers, building skills.

Computer Educational Program

Supports children learning to access different kinds of information (words, pictures, audio) and at their own pace. Children see, hear, imagine as multimedia brings the subjects to life.

Abacus and Mental Arithmetic
Abacus is a very foundational and systematic learning process which involves the movement of the beads with fingers, thinking and other cognitive skills. Children learn simple math- like counting, addition, subtraction and solve math problem on their own.

Human Body Interesting Science Activity 
Children learn the internal parts of the body organs such as heart, lungs, liver, intestines, stomach, brain, kidney and how food travels from the mouth down the digestive tract all the way to the end.

Fun Cooking Activity
Keeps children busy while using fine motor skills along with learning math and science. Hands on cooking  helps children develop confidence and skill. Following recipes encourages children to be self- directed



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