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Kindergarten Program: Ages 2- 6 yrs.

Half-day / Full-day Program: Ages 2- 12 years old

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Starting playschool is an important phase in yout child's life and by providing some experiences before the first day, you will have helped your child to cope with the phase without much trouble. We are here to support you in preparing your child for the first year at the kindergarten

We begin our partnership to create a life -long love of learning with your child. We will be working together to help your child develops skills to build his/ her strengths, be successful in school and have a great start in life. Our educational approach is towards play- project based learning, and creativity in our holistic environment.

Adjustment and  Separation

While the children are settling down and adjusting to their new environment, the teacher may request that parents are present for part or all of their child's first week at school.

Separation for new children may happen during the first or second week of school. It is very important that you work closely with the teachers during the separation period in order for the children to have a smooth transition to school.


 Preparing your Child for School

Tips for a Pain-Free First Day at the Kindergarten

• Make the first day fun.
• Get up in time so you are not rushing.
• Talk about the fun things (s)he will be doing.
• Take your child to the school.
• Make sure your child gets to school on time and is picked up on time.
• The first day of school is a big event in the life of a family, make it a positive one!

Saying Goodbye....
• Introduce your child to a buddy from his/her class.
• Give your child a hug and say goodbye.
• Reassure your child that you know (s)he'll be okay and that you will be picking him/her up after school

The Kindergarten Program

Personal and Social Development


  • Moral Values ( Character Education)and Pendidikan Islam

  • Practical Living Skills- cooking, gardening, washing, folding, wiping,  pouring, cutting with scissors / knife, sweeping, mopping
  • Self - Awareness and Self- Reliance
  • Social Relationships, Grooming, Social Graces
  • Awareness of Surroundings

Language (Literacy)

  • Oral Communication(English, B.M. Mandarin)
  • Reading
  • Drawing & Writing

Mathematics on exploration and investigations

  • Number Sense and Numeration

  • Measurement
  • Spatial Sense
  • Patterning

Science and Technology

  • Early Science Skills
  • Exploration
  • Investigation
  • Experimentation and Design

Health and Physical Activity

  • Personal Safety Skills
  • Sensory Motor Skills
  • Health and Well -Being
  • Physical Agility and Activity


Creativity and Aesthetics 

  • Visual Arts 
  • Music, Cultural Components
  • Drama and Dance

Parents Testimonials & Reviews


  Perkembangan terkini. Sekarang kesemua anak-anak kami sudahpun memasuki Tadika Aman Ceria. Kakak yang sulong menunjukkan prestasi yang baik di sekolah rendah manakala yang bongsu baharu sahaja selesai melalui pengalaman tahun pertamanya di tadika asuhan tersebut.

  Kami juga pernah terfikir jika adik-adik Batrisyia elok dimasukkan ke tadika yang lebih menjurus kepada penyediaan serius untuk sistem persekolahan Malaysia yang semakin kompetitif. Kami tidak berganjak walaupun trend ibubapa berat ke arah memasukkan anak-anak mereka ke pra-sekolah berformat.

  Kami percaya tadika yang dikelolakan oleh para pengusaha tersendiri (independent) yang bertauliah seperti Tadika Aman Ceria bukan didorong oleh motif keuntungan tetapi lebih kepada semangat (passion) mereka dalam bidang tersebut.

  Tadika Aman Ceria telah wujud sejak tahun 80-an dan di sebalik cabaran perubahan lanskap ekonomi sekeliling tadika ini kekal tabah mendidik anak-anak pra-sekolah dengan cara yang paling berkesan untuk kanak-kanak di awal usia.

  Terima kasih TAC kerana tidak pernah putus asa mendidik anak-anak Malaysia walaupun dalam keadaan ekonomi yang mencabar.

Ir Amir Hamzah (Teknologi dan Kejuruteraan, Industri Perbankan)

Yusniza A Rahman (Bekas Akauntan)


  Aman Ceria provides solid foundation in pre-school education

 Tadika Aman Ceria has been an incredible experience for our child,   Sabrina. The  standard of academic excellence and the emphasis on   moral and character  development has far exceeded our expectations.

 The teachers are dedicated to teaching and caring for the children.   Sabrina  loves   going to school, and she is dedicated to learning.
 We are happy, knowing that she is   safe, respected and cared for.

 Puan Rasyidah


Playing, Learning, Growing Together & Having Fun!


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