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Aman Ceria supports alumni activities and maintains alumni communication. Celebrating past students as a unique and valued member of our community. Today, Aman Ceria's alumni are found as leaders in diverse fields, leading successful lives. They even enroll their children back to Aman Ceria. This is certainly a solid testimony of our successful teaching methodology 'Learning is an Adventure, Fun and Exciting'

The primary objectives of the Alumni are as follows:

• Bringing together former Aman Ceria parents, students and staff and create opportunities to reconnect, bond, network and engage in meaningful community initiatives.

• Whether you live close or have moved far away, we would love to stay connected.

• Creating a platform for the Aman Ceria alumni members to make professional connections amongst themselves.

• Following ongoing careers of former Aman Ceria students

• Extending the outreach activities of the Aman Ceria community through a range of initiatives that reinforce our commitment to our environment and society.


Guest of Honour speech
Pn. Azlin, is the Head of Integrity Unit,
Department of National Unity & Integration,
Prime Minister's Department

36th Anniversary Concert & Graduation
Aman Ceria Kindergarten
12 October 2019

Our Beloved Principal of Aman Ceria Kindergarten, Mrs. Law

Our Fine Teachers in Aman Ceria
Teachers Helena,  Pooja,  Baiti, Kelly, Assistant Devani

Family, Parents, Siblings and Friends

Assalamualaikum dan a very good morning.

My name is Azlin and I am the proud mom of Sharifah Najma Amaniya, or Niya. I am here today with my mom and dad, the grandfather and grandmother of Niya, also with Niya's dad - or Aled, as we like to call him, and Niya's little sister Della.

I cannot tell you how excited I am for this moment. It is a mixed feeling of contentment yet emotionally moving. Today, Niya unlocks one great milestone in her life. She might not realise it yet, but one day, she will and I hope she would say, "Mommy, thank you for sending me to Aman Ceria".

You see, I am product of Aman Ceria. Back then, the school was named Tadika Seri Melawati. My elder brother was the first batch - 1983, exactly 36 years ago. I was maybe the seventh or eighth batch. Amazingly, until now, I could still feel the fun and excitement I had while in Tadika Seri Melawati. I could still remember my teacher teaching me mandarin, doing the paper lantern and playing the melodian. School was absolute fun for me.

But, because of so much fun I used to have, I was hesitant in enrolling Niya to Aman Ceria. As parents, of course, you want to enrol you child to the best school and at that time schools that belonged to a big global franchise offering holistic, Islamic Montessori education was what every mother was talking about. So, I decided to be open for options. For days, my mom and I were going around Melawati scouting for the best playschool for Niya. But, there was this little voice in my head, that said go to Aman Ceria. Again, and again, go Aman Ceria. But, I remained noncommittal. So, my mom and I went from one school to another, but we ended up looking at each other and shook our heads left and right. Something was always amiss at the schools, either the murals was not colourful enough, grass too tall, no padang to run or the aura was just wrong.

Long story short, one particular morning I drove to Aman Ceria, there and then I paid the admission fees. The moment I entered the school, Mrs. Law greeted me with all smiles. My heart just melt and I felt like a child again. Gosh, this was my first principal, my first teacher, my first school, my first of everything - making friends, arguing with friends, making up as friends. Then, I got to know some of my peers back in Seri Melawati, who also send their children to Aman Ceria. I know I have found the perfect school for Niya. That voice in my head was right all along.

Mrs. Law and teachers of Seri Melawati, thank you for giving me the best foundation of growing up. I am proud to say that I have done my best in primary, secondary and tertiary education. I have won several achievement awards and recognitions and now having a career in one of the most elite public sector scheme, I owe my success to my parents, whom decided to send to Tadika Seri Melawati and of course to Mrs. Law and my teachers in Tadika Seri Melawati, for providing me the foundation of my early education.

As parents, we do put a lot of time, energy and effort into preparing our children for the future. And rightly so, we want them to be equipped with not only the best education but with life-long skills to prepare them for adulthood. For me, Aman Ceria or Tadika Seri Melawati back then, has provided me with all the necessary set of skills, to become who I am today.

There is a saying by Aristotle, "educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all", and I believe this quote 110% because the heart of excellence only begins when you discover a pursuit that gives you a sense of meaning, joy or passion. In creating leaders for tomorrow,

Aman Ceria believes in creating a learning environment that is full of exploring, experimenting, investigating and discovering. By being curious, they open doors to new possibilities and as we know, the world is starving for new ideas and only great leaders will champion those ideas. So parents please do not get angry if your child asks a million never-ending questions, because who knows they might just become a Nobel Prize winner. They are, after all from Aman Ceria.

Before I end, I would like to thank Mrs. Law and teachers at Aman Ceria for their everlasting passion in educating. Please don't stop teaching because I will want my grandchildren to become alumnus of Aman Ceria also. Again, I am deeply honoured to be here today and present the 36th graduation certificates.

Thank you and Assalamualaikum

Azlin M Nor shared a post


If ure thinking of where to send ur kids, go AMAN CERIA

sure, school ni banyak main, banyak activity, banyak buat itu ini buttttt.. Thats the school way of teaching.. Experimenting.. Discovering... Investigating..

They dont just teach how a catapiler change into a butterfly.. They literaly go out and cari a catapiler and watch it grow and change into a buterfly.

School ni best. Mmg best. Rasa mcm nak masuk sekolah balik.

Tapi kalo anda parents yg jenis belajar belajar belajar buku buku buku, then mmg kan rasa left out sikit la.. This school not for the nerds.. School ni akan buat ur kids curious dengan dunia

The world is their learning space.

Pernah tengok dady day care tak?? Haaaa.. Ni versi taman melawati punya.. Hehehehehee

Oh btw, saya produk tadika seri melawati.. Dulu aman ceria is known as tadika seri melawati

The best kindie in melawati since 1983 ❤❤

Comments from Aman Ceria Alumni

Nur Qyira Izzati,

My name is Nur Qyira Izzati, I live in Miri, Sarawak . I was a student during the year 2000. Before Tadika Aman Ceria, I went to a few kindergartens, but Aman Ceria was still the best. The teachers especially Mrs. Law and teacher Helena are very committed and kind.

It was hard to adapt at first, but the teachers helped me to make friends and not to feel lonely. We always celebrate special occasions, Mrs. Law would organized parties to celebrate different festivals and all the children would celebrate together.

I treasure those wonderful moments there. Although I am now residing in Miri, Sarawak, I still want to pay a visit to Tadika Aman Ceria if I happen to be nearby. That is the magic of Tadika Aman Ceria.


Totally fun classes
All happiness in Tadika Aman Ceria
Dedicated teachers
I love this place
Key to success in life
Aman Ceria , Aman Ceria, Aman Ceria! Three cheers for them

An amazing kindergarten

Marvelous teachers and principal
Awesome surroundings
Nice and lovely memories!

Children have fun here

Excellent in everything, inviting food!
Realy I'm serious about this!
Interesting holiday camps
Aman Ceria forever!

I will never, ever forget all of you in Tadika Aman Ceria!

Call me if you need me
I love all of YOU!


I like Tadika Aman Ceria. It's amazing school. Since the first day I went there, it was the best school I ever had. Mrs. Law is the kindest teacher I ever had and teacher Helena is the nicest, kindest and the prettiest teacher you could imagine. I love Tadika Aman Ceria. But I am not there anymore, I live in Miri, Sarawak. I wish I can visit you whenever I come to KL.
Lee Shyun Yen's mum

Jul 16 at 7:38 PM

真的很感激校长和老师们给我女儿的栽培和補导。她从两岁起就进喜乐幼儿园,然后从四岁那年起,校长就把她安排在比她大一年的孩子们班上学习。当初我并不赞成, 怕她追不上。但后来事实证明她不但能掌握得到还进展得很好。她现在是个很有自信、很有创造能力、又有领导能力的孩子。她的吸收能力也超强;一首歌她只要听过几次,她就能唱出来;也记得家人和朋友们的电话号码。喜乐幼儿园的确是个学习和栽培人才的好地方,在此再次感谢校长和老师们的细心照料。


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