Flexible Child & Student Care Solutions

Enriching Childcare Program


• Quality and affordable child/ student care solution is greatly needed for school-age children, for a variety of social and economic reasons.


• Choosing the best school care program is one of the most important decisions you, as parents will have to make.

• In response to this pressing concern of parents, who worry about whether your child / children are safe at home and out of trouble while you are working.

• We have a solution for you, we offer before & after school program that's convenient, credible as part of our service to the community. You can be assured that your child / children feel safe, secure, loved and having fun.

• Whether your family is looking for one day or five days, we will be able to work with you to provide a solution to meet your needs.

What are the benefits of before / after school program?

Before /after school program is available for school-age children to bridge the time between school and a parent's work schedule, as well as to provide full-time child care during school holidays.

The program allows children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework support to fun physical activities.

• Nutritious hot meals and Healthy snacks

• Comfortable, cozy sleeping area

• Dedicated and caring staff. Low child-to-staff ratio

• Safe and well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces

• Holiday camps and educational trips

• Homework support and fun physical activities.

• Holistic environment that strengthens social skills


  • Safety - supportive, safe and caring environment for families who need studente care.


  •  Health- nutritious meals, healthy snacks, personal hygiene, physical activity, and cosy sleeping area.

  • Recreation- healthy spaces to play and relax. Children learn self-care skills, play and interact with adults and other children.


  •  Activities encourage positive learning process - academic support, enrichment, recreation 


  • Curriculum supports and facilitates children's own learning, following their natural curiosities, interests and passions.


  • Tution guidance in completing their homework and remedial help. Tutoring in reading and writing and other subjects to improve academic achievement.

  • Caring Staff  guide and encourage children. Planned variety of supervised activities including a quiet area for the completion of homework.


  • Enrichment offers a variety of options for educating and nurturing children's potentials and talents such as art, music, ballet, drama, multimedia ...


  • Field Trips children get excited in their learning, first hand knowledge- visit places, meet people, see and experiencing...  Using their senses to gather information fostering a high level of thinking


  • Holiday Camps combine Fun and Exciting Adventures. Children learn new techniques to increase intellectual ability. Develop positive self-esteem, creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills...


  • Backup Child Care when your caregiver or babysister is off duty, you can depend on us to care for your child/ children.


  • Strong Parental Partnership We maintain a warm, respectful, trusting relationships with parents and families. Reducing the numbers of latchkey children.

Benefits of Employer-Sponsored Childcare

Employee benefits are the building blocks of performance. The right work/life and supports, promote employee productivity, enhance well-being, and engender cooperation between employer and employee.

• Maintaining a population of skilled, productive workers is a continual challenge for employers. We offer employer sponsored child care services that employees need in today's busy world.

• Employers who sponsored child care services , make life easier for your employees and families, enabling them to focus on getting the job done. When they know that their children are well cared.

• Employers offering child care benefits to your workers, your business becomes a part of their family thus creating a loyal, hard-working workforce.

• When you help employees balance work and life. They will be more appreciative and more productive during working hours.

• Win–win situation for all, everyone benefits employers can concentrate on what you do best in your own business, increasing productivity and boost retention.

• Employees feel good about the workplace, have peace of mind, feel the company is supportive of them..

To Your Parenting Success

Helen Law

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