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Your child's first day in the childcare centre can be a momentous yet eventful occasion for you and your child. This will be the first time that your child is away from you in a totally unfamiliar environment, meeting new people, acquiring new skills and establishing a different routine.

As a parent, it will be an equally emotional experience as you have to help your child to overcome the separate anxiety and share the controls of your child with a new caregiver, beyond the familiar confines of your home.

How can I prepare my child for the childcare experience?

Before admission, prepare your child by explaining how enjoyable the experience at the childcare centre will be. Emphasise that it will be fun to meet other children, make new friends, see a new place, play with new toys and learn new things.

To familiarize your child with the centre, arrange to bring him/her for one or two brief visits.

Should I accompany my child in the Centre?

It is advisable that you accompany your child for only a few days and not more than a week. Once your child begins to interact with other children, leave and allow him/her to settle down on his/her own. Your continued presence may make the adjustment difficult as your child would become dependent on you.

Is it normal for the children to cry when they are in a new childcare centre?

This is perfectly normal as children are placed in a new environment and often fear that their parents will not come back for them. Reassure your child that you will pick her/him up after your work. Your child should become familiar with the daily routine.

How long does it take for my child to adjust?

The time frame for the adjustment varies for each child. A great deal depends on your attitude as a parent. If you are happy and confident about the arrangement, your child is more likely to settle down easily and faster.

What should I do if my child refuses to attend the centre, or has tears and nightmares about going there?

Be calm and direct with your child and talks about all the fun he/she will have. Reassure your child that you will pick him/her up after your work.

If your child continues to be distressed, talk to the teacher and discuss ways to help your child to overcome his/her fears.

As far as possible, avoid changing childcare arrangements too frequently as this will be unsettling for your child

What are the benefits of before / after school program?

Before & After School Program provides the perfect combination of recreational and educational activities for a well-balanced out-of-school experience. 

The program allows children to balance learning and fun through a variety of experiences. From homework support to fun physical activities.

• Nutritious hot meals and Healthy snacks

• Comfortable, cozy sleeping area

• Dedicated and caring staff. Low child-to-staff ratio

• Safe and well-designed indoor and outdoor spaces

• Holiday camps and educational trips

• Homework support and fun physical activities.

• Holistic environment that strengthens social skills


Enriching Childcare Program


Choosing the best school care program is one of the most important decisions you, as parents will have to make.

We offer before & after school program that's convenient, credible as part of our service to the community. You can be assured that your child feels safe, secure, loved and having fun.

Whether your family is looking for one day or five days, we will be able to work with you to provide a solution to meet your needs.


  • Safety - supportive, safe and caring environment for families who need studente care.


  •  Health- nutritious meals, healthy snacks, personal hygiene, physical activity, and cosy sleeping area.

  • Recreation- healthy spaces to play and relax. Children learn self-care skills, play and interact with adults and other children.


  •  Activities encourage positive learning process - academic support, enrichment, recreation 


  • Curriculum supports and facilitates children's own learning, following their natural curiosities, interests and passions.


  • Tution guidance in completing their homework and remedial help. Tutoring in reading and writing and other subjects to improve academic achievement.

  • Caring Staff  guide and encourage children. Planned variety of supervised activities including a quiet area for the completion of homework.


  • Enrichment offers a variety of options for educating and nurturing children's potentials and talents such as art, music, ballet, drama, multimedia ...


  • Field Trips children get excited in their learning, first hand knowledge- visit places, meet people, see and experiencing...  Using their senses to gather information fostering a high level of thinking


  • Holiday Camps combine Fun and Exciting Adventures. Children learn new techniques to increase intellectual ability. Develop positive self-esteem, creative and critical thinking, problem solving skills...


  • Backup Child Care when your caregiver or babysister is off duty, you can depend on us to care for your child/ children.


  • Strong Parental Partnership We maintain a warm, respectful, trusting relationships with parents and families. Reducing the numbers of latchkey children.

To Your Parenting Success

Helen Law

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