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Nur Qyira Izzati,

My name is Nur Qyira Izzati, I live in Miri, Sarawak . I was a student during the year 2000. Before Tadika Aman Ceria, I went to a few kindergartens, but Aman Ceria was still the best. The teachers especially Mrs. Law and teacher Helena are very committed and kind.

It was hard to adapt at first, but the teachers helped me to make friends and not to feel lonely. We always celebrate special occasions, Mrs. Law would organized parties to celebrate different festivals and all the children would celebrate together.

I treasure those wonderful moments there. Although I am now residing in Miri, Sarawak, I still want to pay a visit to Tadika Aman Ceria if I happen to be nearby. That is the magic of Tadika Aman Ceria.


Totally fun classes

All happiness in Tadika Aman Ceria
Dedicated teachers
I love this place
Key to success in life
Aman Ceria , Aman Ceria, Aman Ceria! Three cheers for them

An amazing kindergarten

Marvelous teachers and principal
Awesome surroundings
Nice and lovely memories!

Children have fun here

Excellent in everything, inviting food!
Realy I'm serious about this!
Interesting holiday camps
Aman Ceria forever!

I will never, ever forget all of you in Tadika Aman Ceria!

Call me if you need me
I love all of YOU!


I like Tadika Aman Ceria. It's amazing school. Since the first day I went there, it was the best school I ever had. Mrs. Law is the kindest teacher I ever had and teacher Helena is the nicest, kindest and the prettiest teacher you could imagine. I love Tadika Aman Ceria. But I am not there anymore, I live in Miri, Sarawak. I wish I can visit you whenever I come to KL.


Siti Nor Yusoff
October 15 at 3:09 PM

May I suggest, Aman Ceria Kindergarten Preschool set up an alumni. Most of the ex pupils are professional now, thanks to the early nurturing of Mrs Helen Law & her committed, dedicated team...this alumni can be mentors & contribute some programs that gear to the present kids.

Thank you Mrs Law, Helena Law & the rest of the teachers for boosting Tiara Hassan's esteem & confidence til she is what she is now, the fourth genetic scientist in Malaysia. You gave her so much trust & the will to always try and never give up, regardless. Thank you once again.


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