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S.T.E.M. - S.T.E.A.M. Education

STEM - STEAM education
allows children to build a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics.

Project-based learning promotes 21st century education, equips children with critical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaborative skills. Helps them understand and apply math and science content, the foundations for success in school.


Holiday Camp STEM Projects

The Benefits of Project-based Learning

STREAM-based projects are incorporated into the curriculum 

Children are...


  • Intellectually engaged, absorbed and challenged.
  • Engaged in interactions- discussion, participation in planning of work
  • Involved in investigations of their own environment
  • Taking initiative in a range of activities, responsible for what is accomplished.
  • Having confidence in their own intellectual powers and their own questions.
  • Helping others to find out things and to understand them better.
  • Making suggestions to others, expressing appreciation of others' efforts and accomplishments.
  •  Applying their developing basic literacy and numeracy skills in purposeful ways.


Project Based Multi-Sensory Experiences  

                                Lemon Volcano Experiment         


STEAM activities are interactive, and exploration based, they provide many opportunities for children to be actively involved.

Children are natural sciencetists, they try to figure out just how things works by observing- exploring, classifying- predicting- experimenting- communicating.


S T E A M - S is for Science

Benefits of science is the development of scientific thinking.

A strong foundation, for later understanding of abstract science concepts.

Science activities emphasize on hands-on experiences.

Science experiment stimulates cognitive learning.

S T E A M - T is for Technology

When we think of technology, cell phones and computers often come to mind.

Technologies provide children to demonstrate their creativity and learning

Children explore, create and communicate using a variety of media- crayons, paints, blocks, dramatic play materials etc.

These simpler technologies allow children to understand how tools help us accomplish tasks.

 Children can see the cause and effect behind them, like how adding wheels below a large object makes it easier to move, or how raising a ramp makes a ball roll faster.

 S T E A M - E is for Engineering

 What is Engineering?

Engineering applies science, math, and technology to solving problems.

Engineering is using materials, designing, crafting, and building – it helps us understand how and why things work

When children design and build with blocks or put together railroad tracks, they are acting as engineers.

When they figure out how to pile sticks and rocks to block a stream of water or how objects fit together, they are engineering.

S T E A M - A is for Arts

A creative mindset is critical for STEM lessons. That is why the arts was added to STEM to become STEAM

Research shows that early experience with creative arts supports cognitive development and increases self-esteem

Drawing and play-acting allow them to express what they know and feel, even before they can read or write.

• Arts develop children's creativity and self-confidence, learn new ways to
perceive the world.

Mix and match colors, sketching, painting, and crafting through a fun and interesting way.

S T E A M - M is for Mathematics

Mathematical concepts are established through simple exercises of patterns and sequencing as we group, sort, classify, graph.

Math is number and operations, measurement, patterns, geometry and spatial sense.

Children explore everyday mathematics, including informal knowledge of "more" and "less," shape, size, sequencing, volume, and distance.


  Why I Choose Tadika Aman Ceria?

 I can see the outcome in my youngest sister (ex-student) is now 30 years old. My nieces, nephew, and my 3rd child all former students of TAC are in their primaries.

 Amanda my youngest is now a final year student at Tadika Aman Ceria. Their level of confidence, enthusiasm, and happiness is extraordinary. The children are able to learn how to read, write and count.

 I have sent Amanda to 2 other different Kindergartens. It ended up either me or my husband had to accompany her to school every morning until the end of the year. She will be crying and refuse to go on her own with the driver.

 This year, I sent her on the first day of school to Tadika Aman Ceria and she is on her own since. Lastly, I have no regret sending Amanda all the way from Gombak to Tadika Aman Ceria.

 Dr. Shuhairah and Husband


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