Vision: Building Tomorrow's Leaders Today!

Engaging Minds & Inspiring Dreams

Our Vision

Be the model of an all-round education through our innovaton in education.

* Prepare our students to assume leadership roles as valued citizens, confident, self-directed learners

* We pride ourselves in creating an academic and holistic education to effectively prepare our students to become competent active lifelong learners.

Nurturing Creative & Innovative Leaders

Our Mission -

* Nurture students with the knowledge, competencies, skills and positive attitudes for life in a global community. 

* Inspire them to become intellectually vibrant, creative, innovative, compassionate and responsible individuals.

Mission Statement

Aman Ceria provides a strong foundation that encompasses cultural, social, aesthetic, and physical development of our students.

Methodologies to meet intellectual, moral, social, emotional, and physical needs of students.
Academically focused pre-school education adopting varieties of teaching methods for learning success.
Nurturing a stress-free environment, for students to learn and grow.

Child-centered curriculums that supports students own learning, following their natural curiosities.

Enable students to grow as confident, self-reliance individuals.
Respect each student's unique interests, experiences, abilities and needs.
Impact and inspire, intellectual and integrity, life-long learners .
Achieve educational goals through multiple learning both within and beyond the classroom.

Developing the Whole Child

Our Philosophy -

* Development of the 'whole child' – academically, socially and emotionally.

* Provide a stimulating, wholesome learning environment that caters children's interests.

* Every child is given the opportunity to be nurtured towards his/her highest potential.

Support and facilitate children's own learning. follow their natural curiosities, through positive experiences in a nurturing environment where...

• Children's safety, emotional and mental well-being is protected and nurtured.

• Children know their limits and boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

• Children grow as confident, self-reliance individuals.

• Children play and learn alongside with others.

• Children are encourage to develop resilience and knowledge.

• Children discover different ways to be creative and expressive.

Aman Ceria Core Values

* We hold the highest standard of integrity and respect the cultural diversity of our community.

Respect -

• Treat everyone with respect and dignity

• Be tolerant and accept differences

• Be considerate the feelings of others

Responsibility -

• Take responsibility for own actions and for own learning

• Persevere -keep on trying

• Be self-disciplined

• Do what's right

Fairness -

• Play by the rules

• Take turns and share

• Don't take advantage of others

• Treat everyone fairly

Caring -

• Kind and compassionate

• Express gratitude

• Forgive others

Trustworthiness -

• Tell the truth

• Be honest, do the right thing

• Hold the highest standard of integrity

Leadership -

• Lead by example

• Shared goals

• Work cooperatively

• Inculcate a strong sense of team and community spirit

Citizenship -

• Obey laws and rules

• Respect authority

• Respects others and their properties

• Helpful and considerate, willing to put others first

Relationship -

• Foster a strong relationship with children, parents and community

Parents Testimonial

"I sent my daughter, Sophea Azlyle Ariff 3 years old, to Aman Ceria after my daughter was beginning to dislike the previous nursery. We chose to try out Aman Ceria as my youngest sister, now age 17, was a student there.

My daughter now enjoys going to school. We are happy as she has learned so much at Aman Ceria. She surprises us each week with new things she learned, like ballet and the handiworks she brings home."

Thank you Aman Ceria!

Dr Norfazlin Zamani

Mrs. Law
To Your Parenting Success


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